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Francis Salvador

 Francis Salvador, nicknamed the Paul Revere of the Southern colonies, was the first Jewish American Patriot killed during the Revolutionary War. Salvador was born into  the aristocracy in London England in 1747. His grandfather was on the board of the East India company, most noted for shipping Tea to America. In 1773, Salvador moved to South Carolina, and bought him a 7000 acre plantation, with his grandfather's help.
   In 1774 Salvador entered Sc politics, and became a member of the SC Provincial Congress. In 1775, Salvador helped draft South Carolina's Bill of Rights, developed a method of paying  Sc militia soldiers for their duty,and in November 1775, instructed the Sc  delegation at Philadelphia,PA to vote for Independence when the vote came up.
   In 1776, Salvador joined the Sc Militia.On July 1, 1776, Salvador became the Paul Revere of The Southern Colonies when he rode over 30 miles warning settlers of an imminent attack by the Cherokee at the start of the Cherokee wars.. On July 15,1776, Salvador participated in the battle of lindley Fort, while under the command of Major Jonathan Downs where the Patriots defeated a large band of Cherokee.
 On August 1, 1776, Salavador and his militia under his command was ambushed by the cherokee at Keowee Sc, where Salvador was shot 3 times by the Cherokee,and died later that day  at 2:00 pm in the afternoon. On August 4,  a letter was read before the Sc Provincial Congress detailing the ambush and the death of Francis Salvador. SAlvador was buried  at his Plantation  home near Charleston Sc.

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