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Cumberland Gap Patriot

James McGuire

James McGuire was born in Fermanagh Ireland in 1734. In 1753, he came to America and settled down in Albemarle country VA. In 1754, He married Margaret Black. From this union they had one child.
In April 1775, McGuire was part of Daniel Boone’s first expedition through the Cumberland Gap. McGuire was one of the first pioneers to travel the Gap. After his arrival at the Kentucky River, McGuire helps build the settlement of Boonesborough.
In 1778, McGuire participated in the Great siege of Boonesborough, when 400 Indians along with 12 former French soldiers of The French and Indian War began a siege outside the gates of Boonesborough. This was a half hearted attempt by former French soldiers to form a new French Colony west of the Appalachians.
 The French fired fireballs at the fort from their cannons. They were hoping to burn the fort down to the ground. After 13 days, the French and Indians gave up their attempt and retreated into the woods. The Indians suffered 40 killed and hundreds wounded. The Pioneers at Boonesborough suffered only 2 casualties.
 On August 19, 1782, McGuire participated in the last Revolutionary war battle fought in Kentucky. At the battle of Blue licks, several Hundred Shawnee ambushed 180 Kentuckians led by Daniel Boone. Boone met with the other officers and decided it was better to fight than be branded a coward. &2 Kentuckians were killed during the battle including McGuire.
 After the battle, McGuire’s body was brought back to Boonesborough and buried
Close to their house. In 1810 Boonesborough became the first Ghost town of the Western frontier. McGuire’s wife Margaret and daughter Christina moved to present day Whitley county where most of McGuire’s descendents live today.


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