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Cumberland Gap Patriot

James Blevins

James Blevins was born in Northumberland County VA in 1751. In 1774, at the age of 23, Blevins moved to Montgomery County and joined the Montgomery County militia to fight at the battle of Point Pleasant.
During this battle, the VA militia defeated the Shawnee chief Cornstalk. The Indians were forced to give up territory that consisted of the whole State of Kentucky.
In 1776, Blevins joined an expedition in the Cherokee war to attack villages along the Tennessee River. The Virginians burnt 30 Indian Villages to the ground. The Treaty of long Island ended this war. The Cherokees were forced to give up 5 million acres of land which consisted of the whole state of Tennessee. In 1779, Blevins joined an expedition with Captain Enoch Osburne. They burned several more Cherokee villages along the Tennessee River.
 In 1779 after returning from the Osburne expedition, Blevins fought the local Tories in Montgomery County. Tories were local loyalist citizens who supported the King George III of England. Montgomery County was the single most dangerous Tory district in VA.   The Tories attacked the lead mines of Fincastle County VA, Oxford Iron Works, planned a prison break of over 4000 Tories and British soldiers held at Charlottesville VA prison, but was thwarted by the patriots.
The Tories counterfeited the Continental dollar even though most merchants considered it worthless to start with. They burned houses, Killed their horses and livestock of people found helping the patriots.
 In the early 1780s, Blevins found himself fighting Indians along the New, clinch, and Holston Rivers of Southwest VA. In 1784, more settlers were killed along the Wilderness Road going into Kentucky from Virginia than any year before.
In January 1793, Blevins married Hannah Osburne. They had 6 children from this union. In 1819, Blevins and his family moved to Lee County Va. By 1843 Blevins had moved to Lawrence county KY. Blevins died there on November18, 1843 at the age of 92.
Most of Blevins children stayed in Lee County. Today most of his descendents live in the Lee County Virginia and Bell county Kentucky region.  


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