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John Hardin

John Hardin, One of Kentucky's most famous Indian fighters, was born
in 1753 in Virginia. At age 12, His father moved the family to
Pennsylvania. In 1774, Hardin joined the Pa militia in several
expeditions against the Indians living in the Ohio valley. On October
10, 1774, Hardin participated in the battle of Point Pleasant WV. At
this battle Col. Lewis defeated the Shawnee chief Cornstalk. At the
treaty of Camp Charlotte 1774,  the Shawnee were forced to cede their
land south of the Ohio River which made up the state of Kentucky to
   In 1777, Hardin joined the 8th Pennsylvania regiment. Because Hardin
was such a great sharpshooter, Hardin was chosen to be a sharpshooter in
a regiment commanded by Daniel Morgan at Saratoga. Only the best
sharpshooters in the colonies were allowed to be in this regiment. The
battle of Saratoga consisted of two battles, Freeman Farm fought on
September 19, 1777, and Bemis Heights fought on October 7, 1777.. At
Freeman farm, Morgan's sharpshooters fired the first shots of the battle
killing 30 British troops before being driven away. The British would
win this battle only because the Americans ran out of ammunition.
At Bemis heights, Morgan's men attacked Burgoyne's British left column
causing the who British line to collapse.
  Burgoyne and the British were defeated. the victory at Saratoga is
considered the greatest American Victory in the Northern campaign.
Burgoyne would comment after the battle, " That Morgan's men were the
finest fighting regiment in the world".
    In 1786, Hardin moved to Washington county Kentucky. In 1790, Hardin
joined  the Josiah Harman expedition against the Shawnee and Miami
Indians during the Northwest war. Haman was defeated twice and lost 180
men , killed in battle. In April 1792, Hardin went to Ohio to meet with
Little Turtle, chief of the Miami to discuss peace negotiations. While
on the journey to Chief Little Turtle's lodge, the Shawnee killed Hardin
and his companions. Hardin was killed near Shelby County, Ohio.
The Northwest war would end when Anthony Wayne would defeat the Shawnee
at the Battle of Fallen Timbers in 1794
  In 1793, after Washington county became a newly formed county of the
State of Kentucky, the first official court of Washington county
Kentucky was held in the former home of Hardin.
     During the Mexican war at the battle of Buena Vista fought on
February 22-23, 1847, Hardin's grandson , John, was killed during an
artillery battle with the Mexicans. Buena Vista was the largest
artillery battle during the Mexican war, and the last battle fought in
Northern Mexico.
     During the Civil war, a small skirmish broke out between Union
general Buell and Confederate General Bragg near Springfield KY in
Washington County Kentucky on October 7, 1862.
  Hardin, who  would become one of Kentucky greatest Indian fighters and
prominent citizens would have a County named after him, Hardin county
Ky. During the Civil war, Hardin county would send more troops to fight
for the Confederacy than they would the Union army.


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