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Cumberland Gap Patriot

Obadiah Hammonds

Obadiah Hammonds was born on December 9, 1756 in Prince William County VA.
 By 1776, his family had moved to NC where Hammonds joined the local militia in fighting Cherokee during the Cherokee wars. During 1776-1781, Hammonds would fight both Tories and Indians.
  In 1781, there were more attacks by the Tories against the population that supported the patriots than in any other year in NC history. During June 1781 until October 1781, Tories and local Whigs who supported the patriot cause participated in what is called Tory war of NC. Hammonds would participate in this Tory War
 Some of the attacks include Battle of Legart Bridge, Piney Bottom Massacre, battle of Pittsboro, Stuart creek skirmish, Spoules ferry skirmish, Battle of Beatties Bridge, Horseshoe house skirmish, seizure of Fayetteville, battle of Elizabethton, Battle of Indian Branch, Battle of Mcphaul mill, Kirk farm Skirmish, Battle of Lindley mill, and the last Tory battle in NC, the battle of the raft swap which occurred on October 15, 1781.
 In 1786, Hammonds moved to Augusta county VA where he would meet his wife Elizabeth Skaggs. On Jan 23, 1787, Hammonds and Skaggs were married and had 1 child. In 1832, Hammonds applied for his revolutionary war pension. One June 1, 1849, Hammonds died was buried in Callebs creek cemetery. His neighbors said Hammond was a very religious man who loved God as much as his country. Today most of Hammonds descendents live in the Knox county KY region.


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