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Cumberland Gap Patriot

Richard Glasgow

Richard Glasgow was born  on June 12, 1755 in Gloucester county Virginia. By 1776, Glasgow had moved to Granville county Nc, and joined the Nc militia. On August 12, 1776, Glasgow participated in his first battle under General Griffith Rutherford at the battle of  Tamassey Sc where Rutherford defeated a large band of Cherokee Indians. During this expedition, Rutherford would burn 36 Cherokee Indian Villages to the ground. On May 26, 1777, The Cherokee signed the Treaty of Dewitt Corner, relinquishing most of their land in South Carolina.
 Glasgow's next battle was at Briar Creek GA on March 3, 1779 , where the British ambushed the Americans under the command of General Ashe. One hundred and fifty American Patriots were killed. The Georgia militia put up a valiant fight after most of the North Carolina militia retreated, but the Georgia militia was vastly out numbered by the British , and were soon defeated.
 On June, 20 1780. Glasgow participated in the battle of Ramsour mill NC, where under the command of Col. Locke defeated a band of Tories. Ramsour mill is considered one of the greatest American victories over the Tories in North Carolina.
 On August 16, 1780, Glasgow was apart of a Brigade under the command of General Rutherford at Camden Sc. At the start of the battle, most of the north Carolina militia fled except those under the command of General Rutherford, and Col. Dixon. Rutherford's brigade was positioned near the Delaware line.  For over an  hour, The Nc line participated in several bayonet charges until the American Commander General Dekalb was  mortally wounded.
 On February 25, 1781, Glasgow participate in the battle of Haw River  NC, where Col. Henry lee defeated a British regiment under Col. John Pike. Lee's men were dressed as British Dragoons in green Jackets, and were able to ride into the camp unopposed.
 On March 14, 1781, Glasgow participated in the battle of Guilford courthouse under the command of Henry lee.  Lee opened the battle of  Guilford courthouse with an advanced guard action againstthe british army 3 miles from the American Line. This action did little to stop the British advance.
 When Lee arrived  at the main engagement  of the battle he was ordered to form  the left flank. Lee's men soon became involved in a battle within a battle with the British 1st battalion. Lee was forced to retreat when Greene ordered the American army to retreat. Some military analysts believe if Greene could have thrown Lee's left flank with Col. Washington's right flank against the British, the Americans might have won the battle.
    After the battle of Guilford courthouse, The British marched to Bell Mill located in Randolph county Nc. Here Cornwallis  confiscated corn meal for his army. While staying at Bell Mill, Cornwallis stayed at the plantation house of Martha Bell. While there Cornwallis gave vivid details of the battle of Guilford courthouse that Bell was able to put into a diary. Some of the comments made by Cornwallis include
" I never saw such fighting since God made me. If Just a few hundred more Whigs( Patriots) had shown up to support Greene, the battle would have been lost". It was soon reported to the Americans that Cornwallis was at Bell mill, so Greene sent Lee ahead with his men to pursue Cornwallis. By the time Lee arrived at Bell Mill, Cornwallis was gone.
 Glasgow continued to fight Tories until October 1781 when he was discharged from the army. Glasgow moved back to Granville county  Nc where he died in 1840.

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