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Cumberland Gap Patriot

Andrew Baker

Andrew baker was born in 1749 in Grayson county Virginia. In 1769 Baker moved to Wilkes county NC where he met Elizabeth Avant. From this union they had 9 children Baker served under the command of Isaac Ruddles of the George Rogers Clark Illinois regiment of the VA militia as the company chaplain.

 On June 26 1778, Baker left with 175 men from Redstone VA on their way to Kaskaskia. Baker arrived at Kaskaskia on July 4, 1778. Kaskaskia was taken without firing a shot.

 On February 4, 1780 Baker participated in the 18 day march nicknamed the Impossible March because “no ordinary man could do it” from Kaskaskia to Vincennes. Baker was no ordinary man. He was one tough preacher. On February 23, 1780, Vincennes was also taken without firing a shot. Military Historians say that if George Rogers Clark had not taken Kaskaskia and Vincennes that the Northwest Territory would have been annexed with Canada and became a Canadian Province.

 After the war, Baker moved around different places in North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee starting a church in every community that moved to.  His first church he pastured was at Briar creek in Wilkes county NC.

 Baker became a traveling minister. He started churches in Surry, Yadkin, and Wilkes NC, Grayson, Washington, and Lee county Va.

 His last church was the Thompson settlement Baptist church located about 7 miles from Jonesville VA and the local Black water settlement. Baker died at Thompson settlement in 1815 and was buried at the Thompson- Whitehead- Wilder Cemetery.

 On September 23, 2006 members of the Martin Station chapter VASSAR, Lee County Virginia and the General Joseph Martin SAR chapter TNSSAR, Claiborne County, participated in a SAR marker ceremony to honor this great patriot.

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